Eric J. Martin

Birmingham, Alabama

Eric graduated from Auburn University in 1978 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Forest Management. He worked for one year as a forestry consultant for Resource Management Service working in forest inventories and mapping in many southeastern states and some in the mid-west. In 1979 Eric joined the forest procurement organization of Union Camp Corporation. This involved managing company woodyards and purchasing standing timber for company mills. In the fall of 1988, Southern Timber Resources, Inc. was founded primarily as a timber procurement company. However, over time STR evolved into offering assistance to the same landowners with forest management needs that would not merit the attention of larger forest management companies.

Eric is:

  • Registered forester

  • Certified prescribed burn manager

  • Professional logging manager

  • Past state vice chairman of the national tree farm program in Alabama

  • Member of the Alabama Wildlife Federation

  • Member of Society of American Foresters