Frequently Asked Questions

Why diversify my portfolio to include timberland?
Respected money managers throughout the world, including private partnerships and real estate investment trusts, have poured money into rural timberlands. Schools of Forestry in many universities earmark a percentage of annual endowments for timberland. Timber is renewable, with a variety of uses and continues to grow when harvesting is economically unfavorable. Unlike stocks, the land remains in place with its own potential income generators such as real estate, minerals, and recreation.
My land has never been managed; how do I get started?
You need to mail us a legal description and/or platt map of your property. Give a brief history of any happenings over the last 10 years and what you would like to accomplish in the next decade. 
Is my timber ready to harvest and should I have it replanted?
Many factors can enter into the decision making process of determining to sell timber. We help landowners consider such variables as property access, stand density, species, and markets.
What does site preparation and reforestation cost?
We help forest owners budget for reforestation expenses when needed and inform them of cost assistance programs that may be available in their county.